Re: [dev] [st] crash on font resize (patch inside)

From: <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 17:47:22 +0100

> Firstly, I did not know C required backslashed newlines for
> continuation,

It doesn't need it. Backslash escapes newlines, but in this
case is not needed because two strings together are joined.
They are put only because it's part of the style used by
the original author of st.

> but a bit more confusingly, usage() IMHO shouldn't
> really exit the program with nonzero, especially if there's a
> non-erroneous way to trigger it like --help.

This way of writing usage() is common, because it is called
when an error in arguments is detected or when the user
interactively ask for it, and in this last case the return value
is not important because it is not going to be executed in
any script where the return value is important.

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