Re: [dev] [dwm] Suckless graphics library

From: Lucas Vuotto <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 12:37:25 -0300

Hi Eric!

First of all, I'm making my glorious debut in the mailing lists. I'm in
love with
the philosophy and the software that suckless produce. It simply rocks.

Now the real thing, thanks you for the patch! It works like a charm, after
correcting some things:
 - The diff has DOS line endings everywhere, including the source. It was
pretty hard to spot the difference.
 - There are laking some libs in to link with Xft support.

I'm sending a new iteration of the patch, correcting line endings and adding
the necesary libs to .

++V*V<l/* # ~ .lV ! */&&l%V);

2015-02-17 1:56 GMT-03:00 Eric Pruitt <>:

> A while back, [this]( Xft
> patch was posted to the mailing list. I split out the Xft changes from
> the window creation semantics, and I use that to patch Xft support into
> my copy of dwm; the patch I use is attached to this email. Given that st
> uses Xft, is there any reason for dwm and dmenu to not use it as well
> since there were / are plans for a unified "drw.[ch]" library shared
> between the suckless projects? Quentin's changes to the dwm drw library
> are straightforward, and I'm considering porting st's font-fallback code
> to his Xft-supporting drw library, but I would also hate to put the
> effort into doing that only to have the API changed underneath me. I
> think the Quentin's patch would make a nice addition to the official dwm
> repo.
> Eric

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