[dev] [dvtm] Commands document, one page PDF

From: Ross Mohn <rpmohn_AT_waxandwane.org>
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 14:39:25 -0400

I've finished a one page document of all the default commands in dvtm
with their default key bindings. A4 and Letter formats are available at
http://waxandwane.org/dvtm.html. The commands are organized into the
following categories:

  * Windows/Client Commands
  * Layout Commands
  * Copy & Paste Commands
  * Tag Commands
  * Mouse Commands
  * Application and Miscellaneous Commands

The document is current as of dvtm 0.14 plus all updates through
2015-07-31. All comments and corrections welcome and more documentation
is in development.

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