Re: [dev] [sent] 0.1 release

From: Stephen Whitmore <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 16:18:25 -0800

You're welcome -- glad I could help.

On 11/17 00:38, Markus Teich wrote:
> I also remind you, that this is a developers list and not a user
> support list (suckless has no users, just developers). Just sending in
> bug reports without at least a proposal of how to fix it is seen as
> rude.

So, to confirm my understanding: if I don't have the time or expertise
to fix a bug I've found, I should refrain from communicating its
existence to its developer community, and hope that a) someone else
finds the bug and b) is capable and inclined to fix it?

I hope I don't sound facetious, but I'm trying to understand if this is
truly the intent. Wouldn't this reduce bug discovery drastically?

> This is the correct list, but as already explained you should have submitted a
> patch with the bug report. The bug really was not that hard to find, so please
> at least try to find a solution next time. ;)

I haven't written any C for a while and have never worked with X
libraries; "not that hard" is very relative.

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