Re: [dev] c++ compiler that rocks

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 07:48:22 -0500

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 12:59:32PM +0100, Rashad Kanavath wrote:
> Hello Dimitris,
> I saw some mails on hackers list with subject line containing "scc". Since
> then I looked into suckless page about the project. I took a wild guess
> that it is "simple c compiler"
> But couldn't find anything in the page. So I guess it is not officially
> release yet. And maybe a simple question on the list could get me some
> help. ;)
> Thank you very much.

A simple search will find it immediately:

But you're right--it is C, not C++. I think that the vast majority, if not
all, of the suckless developers think that C++ is irredeemably crappy. You
would get a (slightly) better reception asking about Rust or Go. Search the
list archives for some opinions about them.

Personally, I'm not in love with C--it is too low level for my preference.
But the suckless developers seem to be very dedicated to C. It is extremely
fast to compile and to run, and produces extremely small executables. The
alternatives tend to fall short on one or more of these criteria.
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