Re: [dev] Font edition tooling

From: Ben Woolley <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2015 14:15:02 -0800

> On Dec 24, 2015, at 1:14 PM, mpu <> wrote:
> Ben Woolley <> wrote:
>> I made two fonts from nothing in a couple hours [...]
> Cool! I found it pretty addictive too :).
>> Basically, what I am trying to do is make a font that
>> is 7px high and 6px wide, with a baseline as the second
>> pixel from the bottom, and only 5 usable pixels wide (the
>> 6th pixel is always unset, the chars are 6px apart, and
>> the 6th pixel separates the 5px wide chars). To do that,
>> I created a 6x7 folder, and put BASELINE=1 in Settings. I
>> ended up having xfontsel render only 4px from the left,
>> even though the chars are rendered 6px apart properly. I
>> think the SWIDTH needs to be something else. Any ideas?
> The problem is not with SWIDTH, this SWIDTH field is really
> fixed as long as your glyphs all have the same width. The
> issue was in the awk script to convert dots and crosses
> into hex numbers. I pushed an updated version on Github.
> Let me know if that fixed it for you.

Yep, it sure did. Thank you. :)

I finally did rule out the properties by comparing and aligning it to a working font of the same size I had made in gbdfed, but didn't get any further than that.

When I am done, I will package it up. I have an 8px font for coding, but figured out a couple 7px variants, including a way to do readable lowercase letters. 6px has some awkward characters, like "e" and "s", so it is a bit too extreme for me for casual use.

> Cheers,
> -- mpu
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