Re: [dev] [scc] issues with invoking

From: hiro <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 18:32:31 +0200

you seem to prepare writing your own operating system, but there is
already losethos, i don't recommend redoing this fine work.

On 4/20/16, <> wrote:
>> inline assembly is irrelevant and not needed.
> This is my way of thinking, because if you need asm, then your code is
> not portable at all, and then it is better to move the asm to a
> function and coded it directly in asm in a .as file. I am open to
> discuss it, because I can understand a few cases where you cannot call
> an asm function, for example disabling interrupts while you don't have
> a stack or you don't want to trust the current stack. Usually, in the
> majority of these cases is better to code it directly everything in
> assembler, but you can find the cases where not. For this reason, I
> am open to discuss it, but only in a totallly stupid way, pass the inline
> directly to the assembler, and without any relation to the c code.
> What is your opinion guys?
> Regard,
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