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Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 10:41:42 +0200

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Timothy Rice <> wrote:

Hey Timothy,

> I'd be more interested to hear about what actually makes C inherently
> better than Go. I quite like C: it forces you to think about the machine a
> little bit, and it disincentivises large complicated programs. But I
> currently have no rebuttals against the Go argument other than ad hominems
> about hipsters ;)

It's not about C or Go being inherently better, it's about which language
is the best tool for the job.

Go always comes with a garbage collector, which I personally don't need
because I can very well keep track of shit I allocate and don't like
GC's in general.
This lack of control is something that gives me headaches, but I understand
that this is necessary to have the other security measures in place.

Most "hipsters" leaning towards Rust are those people frustrated with
learning C in the first few steps. They analize their failures at programming
working software and blame it on C's freedom. This trend can also be seen
with more experienced developers who stick to bad practices, and I know
it's very easy to write horrible C programs, especially if you do it on
a payroll.
Benjamin Franklin said this:
        “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they
        deserve, either one.”
And this defines what it's all about.
C is all about freedom, and any measure a higher level language applies
is a cut in freedom while increasing "security". There's no way around

It's like the people who promoted communism in the 50's in America as the
kool-aid to solve all the problems of a liberal market.
What they didn't say is that a communist system can only work when there
are strict regulations, and from the day JFK was assassinated on,
US-Americans paid for their security from "terrorism" by giving up more
and more freedoms. Same applies to EU-Europeans who bow down for the
centralist EU-laws cutting each of our own laws protecting privacy and
freedom of expression.
Everybody has the choice to either choose a language which gives you
a big range of freedom of expression or use one that dictates how you
express yourself in tight margins.



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