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Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 06:31:42 +0200

On Thu, 12 May 2016 02:33:41 +0200
hiro <> wrote:

Good morning hiro,

> let's maintain a list of of requirements a distro should fulfill.
> perhaps we can make a nice table afterwards and see which OS fits
> these requirements out of the box.
> i'll start with this. convince me otherwise.

it's an interesting idea, though you'll run into contradictions.
There is no definite "best" OS, it depends on what you want to
do with it.

> 1. package system: packages having few, sane dependencies (early
> tinycorelinux was excellent in this regard)

directly contradicts

> 9. hip applications have to run out of the box: skype, chrome, gimp,
> openoffice, mplayer, openssh, rsync, irssi, mutt, qmail, gparted,
> ntfs-3g, sbase/9base, (some file manager? i have no idea about such),
> what else?

The thing is, that once you want to install these "hip" programs,
you end up pulling in tons of dependencies.
The stali approach is to say: Well, if we can't cut the suck out
of the hip, we suck the hip out of the suck and run each application
in sort of a "jail" (namespace, chroot, w/e).
This allows uninstalling programs easily, but of course comes with
some limitations (dynamic libraries and stuff). Statically linking
bloated applications is also a waste, but maybe a way to go.

> 4. no fucking complicated powersaving scripts (laptop tools, s2ram and
> such shit) for old shitty CPUs that are inefficient anyway
> (speedstep), it's the kernel's job to save power, simplicity over
> cargo-culting.

And as I've noticed, you can save a great deal of power not running
bloated programs. A heuristic for this is the RAM usage (and of course
idle CPU %). If you take up 50% of your RAM just browsing the web
no wonder your battery is eaten up faster than chicken wings in Wing
Bowl 2016.
Protip: Decrease display brightness, it's the most important factor.

> 6. no stupid sound system, OSS3 or alsa is enough (yay tinycorelinux)

Even though nothing comes close to sndio.

> install doesn't ask stupid fucking retarded questions like:

You forgot to list the stupid fucking retarded questions.

> 14. username, just use the default name (e.g. fucksudo, optionally
> something more corporate) and let it get root via sudoers without
> password (because sadly root is broken by stupid people trying to
> nanny us about not running their shitty apps as root) (tinycore yay)
> 15. password: don't ask me for a fucking password, just log me in to
> something that has superuser privileges. IM SITTING IN FRONT ANYWAY. I
> know how to run the passwd tool or set up my .ssh dir myself.
> (tinycore yay)

I'm not too sure about this point. On some distributions, you can literally
brick your hardware by writing to some /sys variable as root.
I don't feel comfortable running Chromium as root to be honest, it's
like unprotected sex with a street hooker.

> 18. text editors: ed, perhaps vi

vi is fine.



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