Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: Jason Young <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 16:09:50 -0500

I was content to just watch this conversation play out in silence, as it
proved amusing and even insightful in parts. Even the stuff you've said
in other parts of this thing are actually good.

In this post, that falls apart. Instead of actually taking apart this
person's argument, which is fairly clearly stated, you resort to trash
talking like the tween you act like.

If you had any problem with the ideas behind what Rubén said, you would
have used those arguments to shoot them down. Instead, it's straight to
"ur mom lol".

Maybe it was unrealistic of me to expect professionalism behind the
mailing list of a group of projects that are fairly major in the
software world.

But since you like trash talking so much, Hiro Protagonist wannabe,
here's a little more to wrap this all up: You are the biggest tool I've
ever directly had any contact with, and were somebody to make a
screwdriver the size of the observable universe, that would still be true.

And on the actual topic of this thread, Alpine Linux seems to be a
fairly suckless distro. I'm impressed with its speed and simplicity.

On 5/12/2016 3:07 PM, hiro wrote:
>> Let's break it down to logic.
> way too start... WTF
>> If a user does not know how to use a complex tool, he is not able
>> to use it properly (1)
> I think this is a marvel piece of symmetry, and it works BOTH WAYS, genius:
> if someone doesn't know how to use X properly he doesn't know how to
> use this complex X (*34.4a).
> wow, logical.
>> The only way to know how to use a complex tool is by learning how
>> to use it (2)
> The only way to learn something about X is by using X. Hmm, if the
> opposite is true will it rain tomorrow?
>> Computers are complex tools.
> Like your mom?
>> Therefore, if you don't know how to use
>> it, you won't be able to use it properly and the only way to use it is
>> by learing how to use it.
> I heard this somewhere. But she learned faster, I wish you were more like her.
>> Any claims that somebody without prior knowledge of computers can use
>> one properly without any education on the matter is only valid if you
>> think (1) is invalid or that computers are not complex tools. Since
>> negating any of those points is an absurd, then any claim that
>> somebody without knownledge of the field can use the computer is an
>> absurd too.
> Sorry, I don't understand such complex logic without medication.
>> The reason many people does not regard activities performed with
>> computers as "complex" in the modern age is because they have been
>> exposed to them long enough to learn how to use them up to some point.
>> It is worth noticing that people with actually zero exposition to
>> computers - like old people in rural isolated areas - is not able to
>> create an email account or launch a preinstalled game without a great
>> effort (which counts as learning experience).
> kid, i think you're imagining some place in the future where you
> actually figured out how to do something useful with a computer. i can
> assure you the time will never come, however much you're trying to
> learn. because you will get distracted by your bullshit logical
> insight.

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