Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: hiro <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 00:54:04 +0200

> I was content to just watch this conversation play out in silence, as it
> proved amusing and even insightful in parts. Even the stuff you've said
> in other parts of this thing are actually good.

Stay technical.

> In this post, that falls apart. Instead of actually taking apart this
> person's argument, which is fairly clearly stated, you resort to trash
> talking like the tween you act like.

So you don't like my tone...

> If you had any problem with the ideas behind what Rubén said, you would
> have used those arguments to shoot them down. Instead, it's straight to
> "ur mom lol".

This is not the place to teach people basic skills of argument.
I can only interprete his mail as trolling or at least a bad test of
us. His rhetorics are so painful I couldn't get myself to read it
again. If you require elaboration to understand why please consult a
psychologist, cause you must have some serious problem.

> Maybe it was unrealistic of me to expect professionalism behind the
> mailing list of a group of projects that are fairly major in the
> software world.

1st point is correct, second is irrelevant.

> But since you like trash talking so much, Hiro Protagonist wannabe,
> here's a little more to wrap this all up: You are the biggest tool I've
> ever directly had any contact with, and were somebody to make a
> screwdriver the size of the observable universe, that would still be true.

I'm speechless. Next time please disagree with some technical points,
else it's a waste of my nerves.

> And on the actual topic of this thread, Alpine Linux seems to be a
> fairly suckless distro. I'm impressed with its speed and simplicity.
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