Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: Jason Young <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 18:31:55 -0500

Congratulations. I couldn't have summed up better exactly what the
problem is with modern software communities.

You're willing to go into playground invective at a moment's notice, but
suddenly someone calls you on it, and you're all courtier's reply. That
you had trouble "interprete"-ing his "rhetorics" proves that, while you
might be up to date in IT and CS, you need some remedial classes in
reading comprehension.

You wanna get technical? Let's get technical:

What Rubén was trying to point out was this: computers are by their very
nature complex tools, and nobody knows how to use them without being
taught in one way or another. Some try to figure it out themselves, some
consult documentation, some attend classes.

However, people don't realize the complexity exists, partly because of
UI streamlining over the years, and partly because, as a society, we're
around these machines a lot more often.

suckless is about *simplicity*. Simplicity != easy to use. Simplicity
means, basically, there's fewer parts to break, and there *being* fewer
parts, it's easier to see *where* it breaks. Unfortunately, the more
"easy to use" you make a piece of software, the bigger it gets and the
more dependencies it accrues, and you're right back at suck software.

And if you think that the reasoning and philosophy behind all the
software and computer science stuff that you do isn't important, you're
part of the problem.

tl;dr Think about *why* you're doing this shit instead of doing it to
*be* doing it.

On 5/12/2016 5:54 PM, hiro wrote:
>> I was content to just watch this conversation play out in silence, as it
>> proved amusing and even insightful in parts. Even the stuff you've said
>> in other parts of this thing are actually good.
> Stay technical.
>> In this post, that falls apart. Instead of actually taking apart this
>> person's argument, which is fairly clearly stated, you resort to trash
>> talking like the tween you act like.
> So you don't like my tone...
>> If you had any problem with the ideas behind what Rubén said, you would
>> have used those arguments to shoot them down. Instead, it's straight to
>> "ur mom lol".
> This is not the place to teach people basic skills of argument.
> I can only interprete his mail as trolling or at least a bad test of
> us. His rhetorics are so painful I couldn't get myself to read it
> again. If you require elaboration to understand why please consult a
> psychologist, cause you must have some serious problem.
>> Maybe it was unrealistic of me to expect professionalism behind the
>> mailing list of a group of projects that are fairly major in the
>> software world.
> 1st point is correct, second is irrelevant.
>> But since you like trash talking so much, Hiro Protagonist wannabe,
>> here's a little more to wrap this all up: You are the biggest tool I've
>> ever directly had any contact with, and were somebody to make a
>> screwdriver the size of the observable universe, that would still be true.
> I'm speechless. Next time please disagree with some technical points,
> else it's a waste of my nerves.
>> And on the actual topic of this thread, Alpine Linux seems to be a
>> fairly suckless distro. I'm impressed with its speed and simplicity.

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