Re: [stali] Purpose (was Re: [dev] Re: [stali] updating package source)

From: hiro <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 17:37:28 +0200

it's hard to know when to build upon other people's work and when to avoid it.

for any work to succeed the scope has to be achievably small or at
least self-contained, but also still useful. sucking less alone
(obviously) is not enough.

If we need packages we could just do it like tinycorelinux (the dcore
part is the most extreme solution to all the mess).

i've been trying void linux the last weeks, but vesa X11 doesn't work
with musl for some stupid reasons
also even if they don't have systemd, there's a lot of other crap that
i don't need either, probably worse than systemd :(
and their shit isn't even statically compiled by default, most shit
depends on everything when i look at ldd. musl with dlopen isn't a big
improvement over glibc imho.
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