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Hey Stephen,

> On your site i see you have tested compiling your system with PCC
> and i also see a SCC in dev. What was the reason you chose to write
> SCC? Is it due to PCC's reliance on lex, yacc and m4?

The last PCC release (1.1.0) was in 2014. Of course, this does not mean
much, but it does not receive any major attention as of late.
Additionally, and I can't speak for Roberto here, the goals of scc go
in a different direction. Stay tuned for Roberto's talk at slcon3.

> Bash and Make, I'm looking for compatible replacements for these. As
> i currently understand it bash at the least is expected to compile
> the linux kernel. Is there any suitable projects that you may have
> seen around the net or considered a bash rewrite? I see you recommend
> mksh and dash but neither have bashisms that some projects seem to
> expect.

Just don't use bash, but the Posix shell. Use the "#!/bin/sh"shebang
and test your scripts with shellcheck[0], which is also pretty reliable
in detecting bashisms.
Some people would recommend rc (by Plan9), but it's definitely not
portable and most unixoid OSes offer it.
For make: Some people recommend mk, I'd recommend just being aware of
GNUisms for make and try to make it portable (it's not difficult).

> I found libre linux where they clean out the "globs" and tiny linux
> but i was wondering if there was a new linux kernel cleanup project
> somewhere?

I'm sure you mean "BLOBs", which are binary chunks of proprietary
machine code. To be honest, I don't mind that running in my system,
however, in the long run one should try to select hardware that is not
requiring BLOBs in the first place (Broadcom is a sinner in this
regard). All this "Libre" bullshit with projects to "clean up" the
Linux kernel don't achieve anything beyond ideological satisfaction.
Stop singing the false song of "Libre Software" and rather make smart
decisions in life.
If you end up configuring your Kernel yourself and remove everything
you don't need in the first place (including all drivers with BLOBs),
your compilate won't contain BLOBs as well.

With best regards



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