Re: [dev] several questions

From: <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 23:25:24 +0200

> Hi, its my first post so i hope I'm not on the wrong group here or being
> rude.

Nope, dev is exactly right for that.

> Bash and Make, I'm looking for compatible replacements for these. As i
> currently understand it bash at the least is expected to compile the linux
> kernel. Is there any suitable projects that you may have seen around the
> net or considered a bash rewrite? I see you recommend mksh and dash but
> neither have bashisms that some projects seem to expect.

I think the bashisms are part of what is considered sucky. mksh and dash are
both posix shells, I personally tend to recommend rc, which has fixed most
of the issues I have with "normal" shells (like quoting issues, lists, a
portable and clean implementation etc.).

I think make is considered the most practical suckless option for build systems.
If you want make with nice goodies I can recommmend the plan9 equivalent, mk
( is a more recent implementation in go).

> I found libre linux where they clean out the "globs" and tiny linux but i
> was wondering if there was a new linux kernel cleanup project somewhere?

No idea, sorry.

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