[dev] name for ii-like chatting

From: Jan Klemkow <j.klemkow_AT_wemelug.de>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 14:09:30 +0200


I am programming on front-end and back-end tools for ii for several
years now. For the back-end I use UCSPI[0] (Unix Client Server Program
Interface). But there is no name for the front-end of tools like ii[1],
ratox[2], sj[3] or jj[4]. I used the term "ii-like" in my talk at the
slcon3, because ii was the first of its kind. But, I am unhappy with
this term and looking for a better word or phrase which fits to this
kind of interface.

Do you have any ideas of a name for the ii-like front-end interface?


[0]: https://cr.yp.to/proto/ucspi.txt
[1]: http://tools.suckless.org/ii/
[2]: http://ratox.2f30.org/
[3]: http://github.com/younix/sj/
[4]: http://23.fi/jj/
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