Re: [dev] sbase installed first impressions

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2016 21:01:46 -0400

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016, at 17:23, stephen Turner wrote:
> I see a few items have the -i removed, I can't say i use the
> interactive mode but i assume you removed it due to redundancy and so
> i'm curious how you would normally do that the suckless way.

This probably sucks since I am not an expert shell script programmer,
but here is an idea for a function in rc that is like rm -i:

fn rmi {
        for (arg) {
                printf 'Remove "%s"' $arg
                ~ $arg /* || printf ' relative to %s' `{pwd}
                printf '?\n'
                ~ $reply [yY]* && rm $arg

For those of you who might not be too familiar with rc, see and

This could also be implemented as a shell script. And it could also be
implement (as a function or shell script) in (mk)sh if you like that
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