Re: [dev] [ st ] - 'visudo' has strange effect

From: Mohammed Zohaib Ali Khan <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 23:04:28 +0530

Hi Quentin,

Thank you for the response. I also discovered that the problem is with
running 'vi' in st, as I have noticed 'vim' runs properly in st.

Thinking that the problem is due to terminfo not installed correctly,
if you could let me know how to correctly install terminfo, it would
be great, as being a beginner I am not aware of how it could be done

Appreciate your help!


Zohaib Khan

On 10/31/16, Quentin Rameau <> wrote:
>> Hi Suckless Group,
> Hi,
>> I have come across suckless group quite recently and I really like the
>> suckless philosophy. Being a beginner myself I hope I would learn a
>> lot from the suckless code :)
> Cool, welcome :)
>> Coming to the point, I am using 'st' teminal and when I used 'visudo'
>> command in it, it did not render properly. If you are unable to
>> replicate the effect, please let me know I can provide more details on
>> it.
> Sounds like you didn't install the terminfo correctly.
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