Re: [dev] Cataloging of contacts

From: Rex Roni <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 07:45:48 -0700

On 11/10/2016 02:28 AM, Kurt Van Dijck wrote:
>> I want to keep track of some information about people, and I have an
>> idea of what I want the user interface to be like. Perhaps is there
>> already something close to what I want?
>> I want to record the following information about each contact.
>> * Name
>> * Phone number
>> * Email address
>> * Postal address
>> I want each contact to have its own file. I will put all of the
>> contacts' files in a directory tree. I can look up contacts by filename
>> or with a search. (grep will probably be fine.) The software would do
>> the following.
>> * Check that I have formatted the contacts' files properly.
>> * Convert into formats for other programs (my email client, notably)
>> If I don't get any other ideas, I will probably write something that
>> uses vCard as the format. vCard is nice because search engines (like
>> recoll) will likely recognize it. The main thing I'm wondering is
>> whether there is a nicer format that vCard.
> I wrote myself something (votool, from 'VObject tool', and vofind) that
> does proper search on vCard, since vCard format may split values over
> different lines, rendering grep useless :-(.
> I choose using vCard over other formats for exchanging purposes.
> No new address book file format, how elegant is may be, will not compete
> vCard for interoperability.
> If you want, I'll add a license file and publish on github (or any other
> git server).
> Kurt

I would be interested in that. I also keep my addresses in vcard,
because I can sync vcards from my phone onto my computer without any
fancy middleware.
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