Re: [dev] Cataloging of contacts

From: Thomas Levine <>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2016 18:15:32 +0000

I wound up with this.

Each contact is a single file, like this one,

and they must all be in the same directory, like this one.

This is the main command that I personally use.

    bguo export directory-with-my-bguo-contacts mh > ~/.aliases

It is implemented in Python because that's the only language I know well
enough. The file format is close to RFC 2822 because there's a standard
Python library for that.

vCard and ppl have some interesting fields, like birthday.
Maybe I'll add them if I find some place I want to export them to.

Here is my original inquiry from 09 Nov 2016, in case people do not
recall the thread.
> I want to keep track of some information about people, and I have an
> idea of what I want the user interface to be like. Perhaps is there
> already something close to what I want?
> I want to record the following information about each contact.
> * Name
> * Phone number
> * Email address
> * Postal address
> I want each contact to have its own file. I will put all of the
> contacts' files in a directory tree. I can look up contacts by filename
> or with a search. (grep will probably be fine.) The software would do
> the following.
> * Check that I have formatted the contacts' files properly.
> * Convert into formats for other programs (my email client, notably)
> If I don't get any other ideas, I will probably write something that
> uses vCard as the format. vCard is nice because search engines (like
> recoll) will likely recognize it. The main thing I'm wondering is
> whether there is a nicer format that vCard.

Belated happy solstice
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