Re: [dev] [dwm] My patch

From: Kristaps Čivkulis <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 19:34:55 +0300


Maybe I explained it badly.

By default, the visible tiled windows form two "stacks" - left and
right. By calling incnmaster (which by default is MODKEY+i and
MODKEY+p), you increase/decrease the size of the left stack (this size
is specific for each monitor and is stored in nmaster variable).
Currently you can increase this variable beyond the number of visible
tiled windows (even cause overflow). With my patch you shouldn't be
able to increase nmaster larger than visible tiled windows.

But with my patch you can still get this variable larger than number
of windows. For example if you create a lot of windows, increase
nmaster, then destroy or hide these windows. My patch doesn't make it
decrease nmaster after that.

I understood that my patch would make more sense if there would be
workspaces instead of tags and nmaster would be assigned for each
workspace. But I still think that by holding MODKEY+i (or whichever
increases nmaster) shouldn't cause its integer overflow.


2017-06-20 3:29 GMT+03:00 <>:
> On 2017-06-03 16:49, Kristaps Civkulis wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Recently I sent a patch
>> and didn't get any
>> response. Is there something wrong with my patch or patch/email
>> format?
>> I also noticed that all the other emails in hackers mailing list are
>> from git AT I sent it with git send-email just as
>> described in Should I send it somehow
>> differently? Or did I make a mistake somewhere?
>> I also wanted to say that I like Suckless project and its philosophy
>> and I would really like to contribute to this project.
> I got around to trying this patch! It didn't seem to do what i wanted. You
> mentioned MODKEY+p but for me it's MODKEY+d to decrease master.
> With this patch enabled I can still increase and decrease master beyond the
> number of windows that exist.
> Have I misunderstood the purpose of the patch or is it incorrect?
> thank you.
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