[dev] [ANNOUNCE] vis-0.4

From: Marc André Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:32:39 +0200


vis 0.4 is out:


Changes include:

 - Selections as core editing primitives. Cursors have been superseded
   by singleton selections. Overlapping selections are now merged. This
   change is also reflected in the exposed Lua API (for which still no
   stability guarantee is given).

 - Selections can be saved into marks on which set operations can be

     m save selections
     M restore selections
     | set union
     & set intersection
     \ set minus
     ! set complement
     z| pairwise union
     z& pairwise intersection
     z+ pairwise combine, choose longer
     z- pairwise combine, choose shorter
     z< pairwise combine, choose leftmost
     z> pairwise combine, choose rightmost

   Marks are specified using '{mark} analogous to "{register}.

 - Jump list based on marks:

     g< jump backward
     g> jump forward
     gs save currently active selections

 - New register # to insert the current selection number.

 - Drop special handling of \r\n line endings. \r will be displayed
   as ^M. <Enter> will always insert \n.

 - Fix Unicode regex search with libtre backend.

 - New count specifiers for sam's `g` and `v` commands to keep/drop
   selections based on their index.

 - On macOS saving files larger than INT_MAX bytes should work.

 - New `:set show-eof` to toggle the display of end of file markers ~
   as before it is enabled by default.
 - Double leading slashes of paths are stripped.

 - Improved `:<` command implementation to only use a pipe when necessary.

 - New lexers for Myrddin and strace(1), updates for Elixir, Perl
   and Forth.

 - Fix compilation for GNU Hurd. The vis package is now built for all
   supported Debian architectures.

 - Improve job control of forked processes. SIGINT is now properly
   delivered to child processes.

 - Commands given a huge count can now be interrupted using <C-c>.
   This is implemented in cooperative fashion, meaning a single long
   running operation can still not be interrupted.

 - More efficient line wise motions based on optimized mem{r,}chr(3)
   libc functions.

 - Optionally support vim compatible n/N search direction.

 - Reproducible, statically linked, self contained binary built using
   the Alpine Docker image. The idea being that it is a single file
   which can be copied to any Linux >= 2.6 system to provide a usable
   editor. It has an embedded tar archive which contains the required
   Lua support files which are extracted to a temporary directory using

 - Preliminary C API documentation found at: http://vis.rtfd.io

 - Updated manual page.

 - Various code cleanups.

Check the git log for further details.

The release tarball is signed with OpenBSD's signify tool, the signature[1]
can be verified using the following public key[2]:

    untrusted comment: vis editor signify public key

[1] https://github.com/martanne/vis/releases/download/v0.4/vis-0.4.tar.gz.sig
[2] https://martanne.github.io/vis/vis.pub
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