[dev] Re: Some suckless hackathon 2017 preparation

From: Manu Raster <manu.raster_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 22:08:24 +0200

Hi Silvan,

Silvan Jegen <s.jegen_AT_gmail.com> writes:

>> i) improvements to suckless.org and our general project setup (switch
>> to quark, stagit, static swerc, git://, streamline all projects, drop
>> drop-candidates, etc)
>> ii) improvements to the system tool landscape with a focus on probably
>> the static-izing ld wrapper (stali, 9base, sbase, ubase)
>> iii) focus on totally new stuff like the issue tracking, Silvans
>> patchwork idea or mail archiver
>> iv) looking into wayland adoption or similar of our UI focused tools
>> as a rapid prototype

to me this year's conference will be a group effort more than before to
get the infrastructure in line. Usually nobody wants to spend hours of
free-time for cleaning jobs and in way we have to trick us into it.

Unless there's no urgent action required on other fields I'll go for
swerc and the mail archive. Especially for the mail archive I'd rather
not think much about the "web", because this is a file-management and
grep task, id est a Unix tools task. It is an urban Holzweg to misuse
HTML-browsers for that. No wonder that Google, too fails to retrieve our
mail archive adequately.

> Cluster iii)
> * Write a decent bug and issue tracking system
> * Write a decent mailing list Web archive system
> * Write a patchwork alternative?

The idea of reading instead of replacing mailing lists looks more
sensible than other ideas of bug and issue tracking. So called ticketing
systems I'd avoid in general. All I've seen is more a business means to
clock tasks some manager, secretary or client wants you to do. But it's
unlikely a positive help to leverage ones programming skills.

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