Re: [dev] Opinions on GNU stow

From: Matthew Parnell <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 17:43:56 +0100

Hi fao_,

> what is suckless' general opinion of GNU Stow. [...] I am asking your
> opinions on the general concept and how it has been implemented.
> Specifically, the idea of installing under a 'package' directory, and
> symlinking from there to the proper install location.

As with many here, I do disagree to use it as a primary package manage ,
solutionand we all know the issues with multiple package management s.

I do use GNU Stow myself; however, only as a tool to provide a nice
wrapper to link my dotfiles from a git repo to where they ought to be.

I must admit, I have used GNU Stow for something like a package
management solution; a cluster which I have no admin privileges, but
full permissions in one of the shared directory structures; and am
required to maintain a separate environment for all those who use it...
not ideal.

I do not believe there's anything necessarily wrong with the concept
of using GNU Stow for a nice wrapper around symlinking, for specific
purposes, such as dotfile management etc.

In fact, I was thinking of writing a GNU Stow drop in replacement in
Suckless-style C when I find some time (GNU Stow is written in Perl, I

Matthew Parnell
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