Re: [dev] [dmenu] running shell scripts in dmenu

From: Leonardo Taccari <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2019 13:50:09 +0100

Hello Caio,

Caio Barros writes:
> [...]
> Hum, still doesn't work. If I understand correctly, dwm uses the scipt
> dmenu_path to know which are the available commands. When I look to my
> ~/.cache folder it doesn't have my scripts in there. Maybe it is the
> way I added the folder to path? I think I just added the following
> lines to my ~/.bashrc file:
> PATH="/home/caio/scripts:${PATH}"
> export PATH

Maybe that PATH (with the `/home/caio/scripts') is not seen by
dmenu (and probably all other X11 applications invoked from dwm).
This depends how X11 was started.

(If no other dmenu-s is running and your operating systems support
a procfs you can probably check that via something like:

 % sleep 5 && cat /proc/`pgrep dmenu`/environ

...and then invoke dmenu in the next 5 seconds!)

PS: No reboot should be needed! :) (if you adjust your ~/.profile
    or similar what can be needed is to logout, kill X11 and then
    login, but no reboot should be needed!)
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