Re: [dev] Pandoc replacement that sucks less

From: Lee Fallat <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 12:08:50 -0400

HTML renderers are vast and somewhat easy to code, depending how far
you want to go.

After seeing that website, it has opened my eyes: why are we
doing Markdown at all?

If we stick to using tags like header, article, main, div, p,
ul/ol/li, and maybe a few others, what more do we really need?

"It's too verbose" - yes and no? It depends on what you're doing
really. Even then, there are tools like that can
auto-expand to large amounts of HTML, or you can use something like
vim-surround to quickly add tags. Essentially: use an editor with tag
support, or write tag support, what is not insane to do.

HTML is also somewhat future proof, and self describing.

While TeX is nice, there's duplication of work between it and HTML,
and I think HTML has a long life ahead of it. This doesn't mean TeX
will ever disappear, but support around it to continually shrink. I've
heard it's also not trivial to write a TeX renderer.

Again, after seeing, I think it'd be worth it to at least
spend some time with this way of writing documents!

On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 5:54 AM Przemek Dragańczuk
<> wrote:
> Troff seems to be one of the better options. Luke Smith has some tutorials on using troff and groff
> here:
> For live previewing I suggest zathura instead of mupdf, since zathura automatically refreshes
> when it detects changes to the PDF file.
> Lukáa, do you mind sharing what you use to watch for changes? Is it entr?
> With regards,
> Przemek
> On 29/04/19 02:03, Lukáa Hozda wrote:
> > Howdy,
> >
> > for documents,
> >
> > I am currently using troff + mupdf + a small program to watch file
> > changes. Whenever I spot a change of my source file, I rebuild the PDF
> > from the troff and send SIGHUP to mupdf, which will reload the
> > document. It is reasonably lightweight and it does meet your
> > requirements - files in git, any editor (that supports troff), and
> > worrying about styling later.
> >
> > Admittedly, there are likely tons of better solutions, for example
> > embedding images in troff seems to be a nightmare to my limited
> > knowledge. But my workflow may serve as some inspiration.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Lukáa
> >
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