Re: [dev] [dwm] Why should (or shouldn't) dwm have a spawn function?

From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 07:17:48 +0200

On 21/06/29 10:03, Martin Tournoij wrote:
> > It is true that some people could be driven away after being greeted
> > with a black screen without any preconfigured keybinding to open a
> > terminal or dmenu, but dwm takes pride in "keeping its userbase small
> > and elitist, withoutnovices asking stupid questions".
> That has never been part of the appeal for me. Suckless are tools for
> *advanced* users, yes, and elides most "hand-holding" which makes it
> better for folks like us. By extension this means it's somewhat
> "elitist", but I've never considered that a a goal in and of itself.

I'd just add that (true, intrinsic) elitism, in relation to autonomy in learning
and exploring software, or even coming up with solutions to problems on one's
own, is not a bad thing. Not everything needs to cater to the ignorant masses.
No corporate edge needs to be gained by having a larger userbase. By catering
to the masses, software inevitably goes against the suckless principles, adding
unnecessary features and dependencies.

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