Re: [dev] [dwm] Why should (or shouldn't) dwm have a spawn function?

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 09:04:51 +0200

> […] but dwm takes pride in "keeping its userbase small and elitist, withoutnovices asking stupid questions".

You are mistaken there, I don't think a software can take pride in
something (here dwm), and the more closer community taking care of it
(suckless) doesn't believe in "keeping its userbase small and elitist".

On the contrary, I think most people there enjoy producing software
that looks good to them, and it's always nice to see others finding
in it some use for themselves too.

What you may think about though, is that there is little interest in
dealing with acting consumers who just ask for something they want,
thinking the world revolves around their own centric view.
Suckless isn't selling products, its writing softwares that are useful
for somebody, and sharing them.

Most people come with a good attitude whith the will to learn in order
to make the modifications they want for themselves, and they find help
in the community for starting up or when there's a blocking point.
Sometimes the change they need is also a good improvement and will be
included in the software, sometimes it's not and will not.

Also, novices are welcome to ask questions, there are no stupid
questions as long as there is a will to learn and a minimum effort in
reading documentation pointed out by people and what is being explained
when questions being answered.

There's nothing elitist about this, the whole wiki is open to anybody
who think they can push a sensible modification, trusting people to be
responsible for what they do.
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