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From: Lincoln Auster <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2021 06:59:08 -0600


> Anyway, you're correct, and that's why modularity (which needs a
> better interchange format than UNIX's stream of bytes, to be honest)

This is pretty irrelevant to the original email, but in terms of IPC
protocols, what would you suggest instead?

I've been writing a small application with dbus recently, and I've been
pretty happy with dbus as a protocol. It looks to be very good at
solving some of the problems that plain text can't, and its interfaces
seem like not at all a bad a choice for complex (that is, non purely
textual) interaction. I imagine, however, that its OO-ness and relative
size make it somewhat unpopular among the 'minimal-at-any-cost' subset
of the suckless community. Does anyone have any specific protocol
recommendations, and thoughts on dbus (or RPC in general) as a method
for complex IPC? thanks!

lincoln auster [they/them]
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