Re: [dev] [dwm] possible regression in 8806b6e

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 17:38:35 +0100

Hiltjo Posthuma writes:
>Whats the similar issue exactly? Does this issue also happen when bisecting the
>same commit (so its a also regression)?

For 8806b6e23793 ("manage: propertynotify: Reduce cost of unused size hints"),
the issue is that c->isfixed may not be set early, which might affect whether
we intend to make the window floating or not.

For bece862a0fc4 ("manage: For isfloating/oldstate check/set, ensure trans
client actually exists"), the issue is that some non-SDL client which actually
_should_ float have WM_TRANSIENT_FOR set to the root window. I posted about
this on hackers_AT_ a few weeks ago.[0]

For 8806b6e23793, I think the change I suggested should be sufficient, but
would like to get confirmation from Ethan first and then will submit it as a
proper patch.

For bece862a0fc4, I think it might just need to be reverted unless more
specific logic can be applied, since it seems over the top to add more logic
just to reliably distinguish SDL clients from other affected clients.

In both cases the symptoms are that some subset of clients may not float when
they should, but in the case of 8806b6e23793 it's "fixed" windows where the
dimensions are fixed in size hints, and in the case of bece862a0fc4 it's
windows with WM_TRANSIENT_FOR set to the root window (like the gpg2 pinentry).


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