Re: [dev] Build system: redo

From: Georg Lehner <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2022 00:10:49 +0200

Just a heads up,

I tampered around with redo-c. Find it at


- Captures stdout of do files in the target file.

- Does not create an empty target if $3 is empty. This allows for
"phony" targets and protects against silly mistakes.

- Truncates targets explicitly if needed,

- Creates the temporary output file $3 with the same permissions of an
existing target, or with 0644 - subject to the umask.

- Searches for || before || - also in parent directories.

- Is modified for compilation with dietlibc (you might want to revert this).

- Uses the shorter and faster SipHash-2-4-64 instead of sha256.

- Has dependency cycle detection.

- Writes its redo database into a per-directory .redo subdirectory.

Caution: I'm not (yet) proud of it and it has rough edges.

Best Regards,


On 12/18/20 11:33, Sergey Matveev wrote:
> *** Sergey Matveev [2020-12-17 21:44]:
>> Now there are pure C
> And by the way, it is less than 1kLOC even with completely built-in
> SHA256 implementation and no dependencies. Supporint all necessary
> redo-ifchange/ifcreate/always commands, jobserver (parallel builds) and
> supporting both pure-shell .do files and executable ones, that can be
> written on any language.
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