Re: [dev] Some questions on communication suckless style

From: Rodrigo Martins <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2022 00:49:57 +0000

It was thus said that the Great fernandoreyesavila3 once stated:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the readings. It seems like there isn't anyway lightweight
> way to use VoIP unfortunately. Mumble seems preferable here and another
> user suggested using vnc to screenshare. I would prefer to use my home
> server for screen sharing instead of having everybody configure a server
> on their end but their doesn't seem to be many other options. I guess I
> am more interested in a command line interface but I think VoIP is
> beyond the capabilities of the command line.
> Fernando

Hello, Fernando,

toxic is a curses command line interface for the tox protocol. With it you can do group audio calls and one on one video calls. toxic doesn't (yet?) let you share your screen, but other tox clients, like qtox, do.

I won't say it is suckless, but it is somewhat close. One could easily use the tox library to implement a suckless tox client, take a look at some echo bot code examples.

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