Re: [dev] Search engine for good frontends

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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2022 08:17:01 -0500

> I see that suckless community suggests static sites and browsers like
> I currently use badwolf.
> Are there any search engines which list css only sites
> and which work well with the minimal browser?
> Thanking you
> Sagar Acharya

You consider Netsurf to be a minimal web browser? Never used it, but:
Well.. Suckless' Surf depends on a piece of shit called webkitgtk something
like that if I remember correctly.. so I use Links instead.
I so far like Links (haven't checked out the code, but I heard it's dodgy?).
Links can have graphics support meaning you can view images in it (works
excellent for sites like Invidious, etc.), you can have proxies and change
user agent, etc.
I don't think it supports css, or at least it does support it's most basic
features IDK.. but long story short - I found out that some web-sites don't
actually work well if at all if your browser supports css.. and you disable
JS.. I think that is an example of this.

Search engines? lists only suckless web-sites :)
I used Badwolf in the past, but due to it's bloatness like JS support and
- the shitty library dependency (the gtk lib or webkitgtk something like
- I switched to 100% Links and I never looked back.
Of course for video/audio playback - I use yt-dlp trough proxies to play
what I
want, in what I want, and where I want, of course - without tracking shit.

Sorry if I came off as too elitist :p

P.S. I2P(d)'s main site for domains has some nice minimal sites, too.
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