Re: [dev] Search engine for good frontends

From: LM <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2022 15:12:41 -0500

On Sun, Dec 18, 2022 at 8:17 AM <> wrote:
> You consider Netsurf to be a minimal web browser? Never used it, but:
> Well.. Suckless' Surf depends on a piece of shit called webkitgtk something
> like that if I remember correctly.. so I use Links instead.
> I so far like Links (haven't checked out the code, but I heard it's dodgy?).
> Links can have graphics support meaning you can view images in it (works
> excellent for sites like Invidious, etc.), you can have proxies and change
> the
> user agent, etc.

Thought the lynx code wasn't bad as far as finding where to go in and
modify things. Links code wasn't as easy to go through. It's
probably not suckless, but I happen to like D+. It's a fork of Dillo
and the developer did an interesting job of reorganizing the Dillo
code. D+ has support for https sites using openssl/libressl or
experimental support using wolfssl. Would like to get some code added
to support BearSSL. Was experimenting, but don't have it working to

> Search engines? lists only suckless web-sites :)

There are sites like:
They don't exactly guarantee to be JavaScript free, but they do
promise fast loading times.
Don't know how good they are, but there are also:
There's another list of specialty search engines here:

I think it's so much easier to just use Gemini rather than attempt to
find areas of the web that are friendly to browsers that don't have
all the latest bells and whistles. There are some interesting Gemini
clients built with a SDL backend like Lagrange and Nemini.
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