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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 14:52:23 -0500

(I hate replying using this e-mail web-site -_-, having to copy-paste myself)

> It's probably not suckless, but I happen to like D+.

You like D+? I am glad to hear that ;).

> Would like to get some code added to support BearSSL.

Just use I2P (and to some extents Tor) and be done with shitty centralization
like that lol.
DNS shit, too.

> I think it's so much easier to just use Gemini rather than attempt to find
areas of the web that are friendly to browsers that don't have all the latest
bells and whistles.

Easy? I like it hard, because often-time I get what I actually want that way.
Gemini is nice and all, but I'd like to see something like I2P(implemented in
C.. sure there's C++, but not nearly the same xD) combined with
IPFS(implemented in C, of course lol who/what do you take me for??) and
Gopher or Gemini? Not sure what the difference is between Gopher and Gemini,
but last time I used Gemini I was happy :) and I am extremely rarely happy.
But when I am happy - I am actually happy.. and not just temporarily - my
body and spirit's overall lifetime-happiness has eternally increased :3.

I just Lagrange. Of course - it is imperfect.. not to mention it's like
GUI and
shit.. just why?
Links is close to perfection (usability-wise, did not look at the code :/).

Soo yeah.. if you like D+, let's get in touch :P.
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