[dev] [DEV][Quark] Big problem

From: <fossy_AT_dnmx.org>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 09:50:42 -0500

Before I start, I want to clarify 2 things:
1. I'm not 100% sure if it's a Quark problem, but there are like 2/4th
chance that it is.
2. I'm hosting my site over the Tor network

Problem I have: software runs, can access it from localhost via curl, but
cannot access it from Tor

What happens when I try to access it from Tor? it seems to connect,
but 0 bytes get transmited

wtf it suddendly started working

usually the fix is NOT restarting Tor, but restarting the jail and
with it - Quark.. but it works via curl, which is confusing..

Not sure if Quark problem or Tor problem

In Quark log I get a message 'dropped'

I'd like to know if there's something I can do, like what key-words to
look in Tor's logs

Also to mention: I am getting DDoS-ed for days now xD

I don't see any excessive CPU or memory usage, really - one of reasons
I use Quark and a static web-site

The main reason I think it's Quark's problem: restarting a FreeBSD jail
with Quark running makes everything work again. This is also why I said
2/4 - 1/4 is Tor possible faulty, and the last 1/4 is perhaps something to
do with FreeBSD jails.

The reason I thikn it's not Quark's problem: I can access it well with
curl on localhost lol

I also wonder what "- dropped -" means.. and why is there no local
interface IP address (the 1st '-')?

I helped with the logging to files with Quark bug, now I hope someone can
help me with this.
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