Re: [dev] [DEV][Quark] Big problem

From: <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 09:52:30 -0500

I did a git clone like it says on the main Quark web-site, and doing `mandoc
-a quark.1` it shows '2020-09-27', and that's what I am using.
Unless that's wrong and/or there's another way to get the version number -
like to know.

> which meant that quark would likely drop legitimate connections under load
(IP address comparison check was the wrong way 'round). I don't think the fix
ever got merged ...

That's interesting. Like I said - 2020 version, is it fixed in newer commits,
should I test that out as well?

Because increasing -s and -t seems to do jack shit as I already stated :d

Thanks for your time, and please don't be such an asshole like the 2 guys
already did.. nothing is perfect, and I can also make you cry with facts
your life you did not even realize, so let's keep it friendly, shall we?
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