Re: [dev] [DEV][Quark] Big problem

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 20:30:51 +0100

On Sun, 26 Feb 2023 09:52:30 -0500 wrote:

Dear Fossy,

> I did a git clone like it says on the main Quark web-site, and doing
> `mandoc -a quark.1` it shows '2020-09-27', and that's what I am using.
> Unless that's wrong and/or there's another way to get the version
> number - I'd like to know.

the manual-date only refers to the last time the manual was updated. I
actually have not come around to making a release for quark. I have
chronic release anxiety, even though semantic versioning healed it a
bit for me, given you can easily publish hotfixes and stuff.

However, I am still not 100% happy with quark, but it's like 95% there.

It's also really fast, able to handle tens of thousand connections per
second, so I am almost certain that the origin of your bug was the one
Thomas Oltmann fixes long ago but which I forgot to merge.

However, it is merged now and you should be able to simply get it with
a "git pull". Please let us know if this works out for you.

> Thanks for your time, and please don't be such an asshole like the 2
> guys already did.. nothing is perfect, and I can also make you cry
> with facts about your life you did not even realize, so let's keep it
> friendly, shall we?

I have not given you any reason to warrant such a threat.

With best regards

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