Re: [dev] [DEV][Quark] Big problem

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 20:36:11 +0100

On Sun, 26 Feb 2023 13:25:41 -0500 wrote:

Dear Fossy,

> Ah, I see.
> I forgot how to use git after such a long absence from programming..
> +6 months.
> I ran the command and it's up to date, last commit is
> 68b4f733b2755762e43df90f73db5a6ec8d14104 on both of my sites.
> I see.
> I can test the patch, but I don't think I'm using AF_INET6 as I
> disabled IPv6 in FreeBSD jail. Meaning the patch probably doesn't do
> anything for me.
> Like I said - I increased -s and -t, but that doesn't seem to change
> anything..
> which is quite strange, is it not?

then we need more data, ideally a minimally working example cooked up
with curl or something.

> What are your thoughts on thttpd
> (

We used to host suckless via thttp for a long time, but it's quite a
buggy mess. I can definitely recommend OpenBSD httpd[0].

> I see that Suckless isn't hosted by Quark, either, would love to hear
> why is that, too.

Even though it's possible, given we have an all-static website and
git-http-interface (stagit by Hiltjo), the problem lies with
git-cloning via HTTPS, which is basically a CGI-interface and thus not
within quark's scope. One could simply drop this and only allow cloning
via "git:", but this would disrupt things.

Quark is a tool for 95% of cases, and most suited, I think, if you
quickly want to serve a folder in a conference LAN or a small website
with a few vhosts and stuff, but apart from that, it has its limits,
and suckless' needs exceed its capabilities.

With best regards


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