Re: [dev] Simpler WiFi alternatives

From: <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2023 13:06:09 -0400

> why would he interleave every sentense with swearing.

Because I believe in freedom of speech, and well - I just want to be whoever
the fuck I am, and what I am is what was presented (except for the "draft"
which was explained and is below.

> {1} does not work well with {2}... how about rewriting this draft sent too
early into a document that you can present to the firmware, hardware,
and gateware developers, and antenna designers (essential if you want a
bit of
range, you talked about kilometers) you'd need to team-up with to get such a
project done?

You obviously did not read the fucking disclaimer, you piece of shit.
Stop wasting my health when I'm trying to help, even if by information that
might not be 100% what you were looking for.

And I could die tomorrow, so I thought I'd share little that I could, which
might be helpful, directly or sideways.
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