Re: [dev] Announcing a couple small X11 utilities

From: <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2023 15:43:31 -0400

Whoah, that sounds really amazing!
I'm glad you list SLOC and depends :)

Althought there's 'xgrab' I think that grabs a RGB color code from screen,
is suckless, I remember reviewing it's source code like a year ago.

I love such tools.. Is it possible to make, since you seem to be within the
scope, something console-based? Like no X11, no Wayland, just the console and
perhaps something like tmux/dvtm :)
I'd like to get rid of X11.. I feel sooo dirty for using it. I love that
because it gives me motivation to excel even further beyond, to be so much
elitist, until there's no one more elite than me (funny, right? I think Terry
Davis achieved that before dying)

> Hi all,
> I'd like to share some small X11 utilities that I've developed and have
> been using in my daily setup. The utilities are all fairly small in
> size and requires only typical X libraries.
> sxcs
> ====
> This is a simple color picker and magnifier. My issue with all other
> existing minimal color pickers were that due to no magnification,
> picking out specific pixels was fairly difficult.
> The usage is simple, you launch the program and pick a color. The result
> will be output to stdout in tab separated RGB, HSL and HEX format.
> Repo:
> SLoC: ~628
> Dependencies: Xlib, libXcursor
> sxot
> ====
> This one is a *very minimal* screenshot tool. I wrote this when I
> realized that other cli screenshot tools (scrot, maim) do way too much.
> sxot on the other hand is meant to follow the unix philosophy - it
> simply takes a screenshot and outputs a binary ppm image to stdout.
> Any other functionalities are supposed to be handled by more specialized
> tools. E.g sx4 (see below) for selection, optipng to convert to png,
> xclip for copying to clipboard etc.
> Repo:
> SLoC: ~251
> Dependencies: Xlib, libXfixes
> sx4
> ===
> This one is a selection tool. It outputs the selection rectangle to
> stdout which can then be used for other purposes, such as screenshoting
> or screen-recording a specific area.
> Repo:
> SLoC: ~500
> Dependencies: Xlib, libXext
> ---
> And that's all. Feel free to report any bugs, send bug-fixes, request
> additional features (within the project's scope) etc.
> - NRK

P.S. would love to see self-hosted code like on Cgit, or just offer plain
files like I do (did and hopefully will) via I2P/Tor) for my shitty
unfinished unusable code
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