[dev] Announcing a couple small X11 utilities

From: NRK <nrk_AT_disroot.org>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2023 19:51:59 +0600

Hi all,

I'd like to share some small X11 utilities that I've developed and have
been using in my daily setup. The utilities are all fairly small in
size and requires only typical X libraries.


This is a simple color picker and magnifier. My issue with all other
existing minimal color pickers were that due to no magnification,
picking out specific pixels was fairly difficult.

The usage is simple, you launch the program and pick a color. The result
will be output to stdout in tab separated RGB, HSL and HEX format.

Repo: https://codeberg.org/NRK/sxcs
SLoC: ~628
Dependencies: Xlib, libXcursor


This one is a *very minimal* screenshot tool. I wrote this when I
realized that other cli screenshot tools (scrot, maim) do way too much.

sxot on the other hand is meant to follow the unix philosophy - it
simply takes a screenshot and outputs a binary ppm image to stdout.
Any other functionalities are supposed to be handled by more specialized
tools. E.g sx4 (see below) for selection, optipng to convert to png,
xclip for copying to clipboard etc.

Repo: https://codeberg.org/NRK/sxot
SLoC: ~251
Dependencies: Xlib, libXfixes


This one is a selection tool. It outputs the selection rectangle to
stdout which can then be used for other purposes, such as screenshoting
or screen-recording a specific area.

Repo: https://codeberg.org/NRK/sx4
SLoC: ~500
Dependencies: Xlib, libXext

And that's all. Feel free to report any bugs, send bug-fixes, request
additional features (within the project's scope) etc.
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