[dev] Problem with windows name

From: Dr. Andr Desgualdo Pereira <desgua_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2023 08:43:26 -0300

# The Problem:
dwm status bar fails to display the name of Libreoffice and OpenOffice windows

# Conditions (when it happens):
                1) Debian 12 (previous Debian worked fine)
                2) The file name must contain a latin character (one of these: áâãéíóôúç) and NOT contain other glyphs characters (for example Japanese 你)

# Examples:

name of the file name displayed on dwm status

"André Desgualdo.odt" -> "Andr Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice Writer" (wrong, it miss the é)
"Andre Desgualdo.odt" -> "Andre Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice Writer" (right)
"你 André Desgualdo.odt" -> "你 André Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice Writer" (right)
"André Desgualdo 你.odt" -> "André Desgualdo 你.odt - OpenOffice Writer" (right)

# xprop
xprop shows the correct name, but it doesn't has the _NET_WM_NAME defined as it used to have on Debian 11 and before (I guess it is because missing library tkinter for python2.7).
Example: WM_NAME(STRING) = "André Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice Writer"

# xwininfo
But xwininfo also fails to show the name properly.
Example: xwininfo: Window id: 0xe031bd "Andr Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice Writer"

# Other window managers
Other window managers show the window's name correctly. Tested: xfce4wm and i3wm.

# Other programs that are not Libreoffice or OpenOffice
When opening the same file with other program (for example opening "André Desgualdo.odt" with file-roller), the name is displayed correctly and xprop shows the following info: _NET_WM_NAME(STRING) = "Andr\303\251 Desgualdo.odt - OpenOffice").

# Workaround
Any suggestion to further investigate or possible workarounds or fix would be really appreciated.
(Currently I made a script to use xdotool to rename the window as soon as it is opened by OpenOffice).
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