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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2023 15:23:44 -0400

> On Thu, Jul 6, 2023 at 3:36PM <> wrote:
> > That's too much options to check out for me, but a console-based option
> > (to me
> > that sounds like not needing X11? Because ideally that's what I'd
want.. I
> > want
> > to get rid of a Window manager and in the future use something like dvtm)
> I've been investigating options that don't require X11 as well. I've
> only seen two Linux distributions that were able to pull off running
> in framebuffer without X, nanolinux which uses nanoX and Rogue Class
> Linux. There are more distributions like GRML and INX but they're
> mainly console mode only and don't do much with graphics or the
> framebuffer. Unfortunately, development on both nanolinux and Rogue
> Class Linux systems are no longer active. However, they have some
> interesting choices for applications. SDL applications will run in
> framebuffer or kmsdrm mode. So you can read documents using bard or
> sdlbook without X. If you haven't checked it out,
> has some great framebuffer programs. I use a
> fork of pdftxt (command line program) from there. Also, I've been
> experimenting with using netbsd-curses from Sabotage Linux instead of
> ncurses.
> Last I checked, framebuffer applications ran great from the command
> line, but I don't think they played nice with console window managers.
> Was rather disappointed in that and I keep looking for other
> alternatives. I even investigated some unusual ideas like using sixel
> (there's a fork of SDL to output sixel) with a sixel aware console.
> Then you could probably use a console window manager like dvtm or mtm.
> However, I think it's too slow to be practical. I have a small and
> slowly growing list of console and command line programs that I can
> use to replace some of the common tasks I do. Always in search of
> other interesting and useful alternatives. This mailing list has had
> some great program suggestions posted to it. Sites like K.Mandla's
> Inconsolation blog are nice resources too. I believe there are some
> tty screen capture programs listed there too if you need one.

I use *BSD systems as much as possible.
FreeBSD has a framebuffer thing, and just running `mpv video.fuck` in a TTY,
X11 down, immediately plays in the TTY, which in my opinion is even easier
it was on GNU/Linux last time I tried it!

Really, SDL can do that? NEAT!
I dream of a FPS multiplayer game alike CS:GO that can be played in a
A buddy of mine 'drummyfish' made a game called 'Anarch', it has a few
settings such as 'SDL', 'terminal', etc.. it's more suckless than Doom
(the old
old one using a few kb of ram).
So one could steal that (he's okay with it) technology (it's reaally low
and make such a game.

This game would ideally be I2P-only :)
So yeah.. not sure how much FPS one could get lmao, but my thinking is
basically this: X11 windows and shit draws pixls, right? Terminal does the
thing, just with a looooot less mess, a lot less things to do, so in
theory it
should be even more performant??
Not sure about the direct graphics thing, but like text-output, that
should be
quite easy, although not sure how great for a FPS.. but who knows?
One could make it function say on a 1920x1080 screen, but what about
lower-res? not sure..

I am in no way, shape or form knowledgable about any of this enough, so
someone has some insight?
I'd love if we could use the GPU directly like pixel changes, etc, without
the 100 fancy APIs, managers, etc.

What also amazes me is how one can change console/TTY brightness only (to my
knowledge) trough xrandr beforehands in X11 lol.. but xrandr says no display
otherwise.. funny.

Will check out this stuff in future, if my eyes get better :( I can barely
write this fucking e-mail.. You never realize how much things you want to do,
to achieve, until it's long gone, until you cannot possibly do them
for the time being.

I'm glad there are folks around like you :)
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