Re: [dwm] fmenu (derived from dmenu)

From: paul liljenberg <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 08:19:09 +0200

hi, could you give me a link to a screenshot on this?


On 9/30/06, y i y u s <> wrote:
> I started modifing dmenu to fit better my needs and decided to release it
> as a different thing.
> With fmenu you also read from stdin and print the selection to stdout,
> with the difference that you must define a key (and just a single key) to
> select the out. You can also add non visible items if you preced them with
> !. Instead of looking like a bar, it is like a common multiline menu which
> appears in the middle of the screen.
> I know you can get similar results with dmenu or emacs style key bindings,
> but though this program is not a very useful thing, it works for me like i
> wanted and you could also find some interesting uses (for example, ros
> suggested in irc a dmenu history for the last commands, im looking at it).
> If a real programmer takes a look at the code will see it is not very
> polished and needs some improvements, the reason im sending it to the list
> as is is because im not very happy with the current implementation (look at
> the readstdin func in main.c) and would like to know what more experienced
> people have to say.
> All sort of critics, comments and suggestions are welcomed.
> regards,
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> - yiyus || JGL .
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