[dwm] Wide client dirty patch

From: y i y u s <yiyu.jgl_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 19:53:37 +0200

I have been working in a patch this weekend, but I haven't had enough
time to finish it. The code is shit, very dirty, and it has some known
bugs, but here it is because I won't be able to touch it for some
time, and I want your opinion, but take in count it is very
With this patch, you can set a client as wide, without having to
change the layout of all the windows. The wide windows are arranged
under the others, this is very useful for me when I want a bigger
window. My problem was what to do when you zoom one of the wide
windows, I thought different solutions:
1. Wide windows can't be zoomed: this is the simplest behaviour and I
think the one I like the most, but it doesn't work so in the patch
2. If you zoom a wide window then it is "unwided".
3. (Current behaviour) If you zoom a wide window, it takes a defined
amount of your screen over the rest of windows. This way, there are
lots of layout posibilities, though Im not sure it is really useful.
As I told, there are some known bugs:
- Non wide windows are not allways well drawn for 1 px (this is a bug
in dotile, all the dotile function is a mess now).
- More checks are needed for resizes.
- When you press M-Enter in the zoomed windows there can be some problems.
- I did the patch in a hurry, without removing the floatclient patch
code and other little modifications (in config.h and in the spawn
Take a look to what happens when all your windows are wide, it is a
bit strange but I don't know how to solve it in a consistent way.
You can download the patch from:
I will be out of the city (without a net connection) for some days,
when I come back I will tidy up the code and will probably remove the
posibility of zooming wide windows, but I want you to test it and know
your opinions.


- yiyus || JGL .
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