Re: [dwm] dwm/dmenu how to use?

From: Jack J. Woehr <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:32:24 -0700

Michael Muster wrote:
> 1. How to start dmenu?
You add a line in config.h which ties a script invoking dmenu to a key
Then when you do that key sequence, your script invoking dmenu runs.
> 2. How to create the menu?
I dont' have an installation right here, but I invoke gm4(see above) to
run the following
script when I hit alt-m:








    ifelse(browser_menu_pick,`firefox',syscmd(`firefox &'),
    browser_menu_pick,`mozilla',syscmd(`mozilla &'),
    `Unknown menu option')')')

    `Unknown menu option')')')

    ifelse(edit_menu_pick,`emacs',syscmd(`emacs &'),
    edit_menu_pick,`gvim',syscmd(`gvim &'),
    edit_menu_pick,`jedit',syscmd(`jedit &'),
    `Unknown edit menu selection')')')

    ifelse(`top_menu_rcode', `0',
    ifelse (`top_menu_pick',`editors',`run_menu(`edit'),
    `Unknown top menu selection')')')

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