Re: [dwm] strangeness with screen

From: Ricardo Lanziano <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 02:10:19 -0500

* brad clawsie <> [2007-01-08 20:37:49 -0800]:

> also i am wondering if it might be useful to split dwm releases into two
> tracks, a stable and development track. i appreciate the rapid
> development taking place on this project but it seems i am rebuilding
> this package daily. since i cannot reliably reuse a config.h from
> a previous version, this process has become a bit tedious, although i
> am mindful of the bug fixes that each release delivers. just a suggestion.

There is no need to upgrade in every release, and not all releases
contains new features. I do upgrade in every release though because im a
dwm addict.

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