[dwm] strangeness with screen

From: brad clawsie <clawsie_AT_fastmail.fm>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 20:37:49 -0800

hi there

i am altering my dwm config file such that i provide a xterm command
with the option

-e "screen -a"

when i do this i will often see the resulting xterm only take up a
portion of the space allocated to it. for example, the prompt will
appear half way down the screen and the space above will be
inaccessible. is this is known issue?

also i am wondering if it might be useful to split dwm releases into two
tracks, a stable and development track. i appreciate the rapid
development taking place on this project but it seems i am rebuilding
this package daily. since i cannot reliably reuse a config.h from
a previous version, this process has become a bit tedious, although i
am mindful of the bug fixes that each release delivers. just a suggestion.

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