Re: [dwm] irssi/mutt in status bar

From: Kurt H Maier <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 11:35:20 -0600

For things like this, I have libnotify installed, and just call
notify-send on these events. I also call notify-send on DHCP leases,
power management events, etc.

Another solution, because libnotify has pretty heavy dependencies, is
to call dwm thus:

[ -p .dwm-status ] || mkfifo $HOME/.dwm-status
dwm <> $HOME/.dwm-status &

while true
   /home/kurt/.scripts/ > ~/.dwm-status
   sleep 5

my outputs this:
[net kfx-77%] [cpu 0.8GHz @ 39C] [pwr 100%] 11:32:36 AM

so every five seconds, the status bar updates. However, in the
meantime, I can echo other messages to $HOME/.dwm-status, and they'll
stay for five seconds, and then the message will return to "normal."

Another solution is to bind a key to toggle between the fifo and a
regular text file, so you can briefly "check your message count" and
then switch back to the standard display.
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